Top 4 shapewear pieces you NEED to have

Let’s face it: most women nowadays prefer to rely on shapewear in their daily lives and when they go out. There are a ton of options available that make the matter much more comfortable today than the cumbersome process it was in the past. Using some sort of shapewear is the easiest way to get a flattering look without overworking yourself at the gym or suffering through strict diets for several months. Any woman can look their best and highlight their natural shape with just a quick fitting of some of these pieces of clothing. Want to know more about what could best suit you? Keep reading to find out more about the magic of shapewear.

Waist trainer

The first item on this list is perhaps one of the most traditional, worn by women of all ages to help them accentuate their natural shape. The hourglass figure is attainable by all women, no matter their body type, if they use a waist trainer underneath their outfit. The waist trainer or cincher is thought of as a natural way to help the body adapt over time, and it works great whenever you’re in a rush or need to fit into a tight outfit.


Bodysuits are an all-in-one solution that is more and more popular nowadays. The designs have widly varied in recent years, making them a versatile piece of your wardrobe that you can wear in any way you want. While it is technically a body suit that should count as underwear, today there are printed designs that make for a great third piece of your outfit if you’re wearing an open top like a flannel shirt or a cute cardigan, for instance.


Alright, leggings aren’t exactly shapewear, but they are part of this list because they originally were. A cross between pantyhose and traditional exercise pants, leggings have now transcended their status as fitness attire to become clothes for almost any situation. What makes them so versatile is precisely that they serve as regular clothes that you can use to accentuate your figure, something that many women look for when buying clothes.

Strapless bra

Bras are all underwear and, in a way, shapewear. However, out of all the types of bras that exist, strapless bras tend to be the more flattering type for your figure due to their inherent cup design. In fact, many bodysuits and waist trainers feature strapless bras as the solution to breast support in these types of accessories. You can find the best selection of strapless bras here in case you want to check them out.

Bonus: high-waisted jeans

Jeans are definitely not shapewear per se, but most of us can agree that a tight pair of jeans can do wonders to really highlight our figure. For a couple of years now, high-waisted jeans have been making a comeback and they are truly a blessing for women who are into vintage styles but still enjoy having their attributes highlighed by their clothes. The high waist can be a really flattering look and it opens up a world of possibilities depending on the cut of the jeans and what choices you make for the matching top.

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