Top 3 Recommended Window Air Conditioner Units

Window air conditioning units are useful in keeping rooms within cool comfortable temperatures, whether it’s during the hot summer, or it’s a room with limited access to cool air. With an influx of these units in the market, it is important to pick one that will work for your space efficiently. Window air conditioner units come in different sizes to suit various spaces, with some having energy saving capabilities that save you money in the long run.

Listed below are the top 3 recommended window air conditioner units that will remove all heat and cool your space effectively, leaving it comfortable.

1. Keystone 5000 BTU

With a BTU rating of 5000 per hour, this small window air conditioner can work perfectly in small rooms of a maximum size of 150 square feet. It works with an electric power outlet of 115V. It has a remote control that can sense the temperature of a room and allow you to control the temperature settings from a distance. The electronic controls have a LED display, making them visible from a distance.

Other than cooling a 150 sq/ft room, this Keystone unit removes humidity from the air in the room at a rate of 1.3 pints per hour. It has 3 speeds of cooling plus three fan speeds, with an adjustable 2-way air flow direction for maximum operation. A programmable 24-hour timer enables you to set a cooling schedule. It features a sleep mode which helps save energy by gradually increasing temperatures over a period of time when the initially set cool temperatures are unnecessary. This unit automatically restarts after a power outage, without losing your settings.

2. Friedrich Chill CP06G10B 6000 BTU

The Friedrich Chill air conditioning unit with a cooling power of 6000 BTU is an excellent choice for large sized living areas of 250 sq/ft. It has an Energy Star rating, meaning it is an energy saving unit.

With three cooling and fan only speeds, this unit oscillates left and right during cooling. This ensures even cooling throughout the room without leaving hot or cold pockets. It is ultra quiet during operation, with no whirring sound. It can be operated with a digital remote control and has a 24-hour programmable on/off timer.

The Friedrich Chill window air conditioner can be installed in a window, or through a wall that’s up to 7.5″ deep. The power cord can run either to the left or right of the unit, depending on the location of the power outlet.

3. LG LW8016ER 8000 BTU

With a cooling power of up to 8000 BTU per hour, this unit from LG can effectively cool a 350 square feet sized room. It uses a 115V electric outlet. It saves a lot of energy, having a 12.1 energy efficiency rating. A remote control can be used to control the unit from around a room.

Alongside its cooling power, it can dehumidify the room at a rate of 2.2 pints per hour, leaving it cool and airy. It has a cooling flexibility of three cooling and fan speeds. A timer controls how long it runs for. With an auto-restart feature, your settings will not be lost in a power outage.

The above window air conditioner units are very functional, when used within their perimeters. So long as the BTU rating goes in hand with the size of the space in need of cooling, they will give desired results.