Smelling Good Means Feeling Good

The Importance of Smelling Good

They say you’re never fully dressed until you put perfume on. The way we smell is an integral part of how we present ourselves to the outside world. Oftentimes, people can smell you before they can see you, so smelling like a million bucks ensures you make a good first impression. Scent, like fashion, is a way to express ourselves, so choosing the right notes helps us embody the best version of ourselves. Our sense of smell is closely connected to the more primitive part of our brain. This sense’s main purpose is keeping us safe and we’ve evolved to be highly perceptive of odors that could cause us harm: expired food, gas leaks, smoke, and so on. Our olfactory system alerts our brains of danger faster than our other senses can. It is estimated that our noses can detect – and remember – up to one trillion different smells. Have you ever wondered why the aroma of your favorite childhood baked good can teleport you straight back to that point in time? Or how a certain perfume can make you feel like you’re a teenager again? It turns out that our brain is constantly creating associations between scents and experiences. Some people enjoy the smell of gasoline because it reminds them of road trips. Some love the plasticky odor lingering on a new book; and others hate it. All in all, the main takeaway from this is the impact our scent has on the people around us and on our wellbeing.

What Type of Perfume is Right for You?

You could probably spend hours and hours just browsing the perfume aisle at your local department store. It is very easy to get lost in the hundreds of rows of tiny bottles and vials of nice-smelling liquid. One of the most important things to decide on when picking your new signature scent is the type of perfume you are looking for. Depending on the concentration of the fragrance, they range from Parfum to Eau Fraiche. Parfum is by far the most expensive, a small bottle ranging anywhere from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars. It’s also the one that lasts longest on the skin, so the investment might be worth it if you consider how little of it you need to apply each day. That being said, the strong and powerful scent might offend some noses, so some don’t consider the expense to be worthwhile. If you prefer something light and airy, try going for a cologne or a Body Spray For Women. These are generally considered the most inoffensive because they contain the least amount of concentrated fragrance. They are delicate enough that you can apply them all over your body – including on your hair and on your clothes. There is nothing worse than the smell of old perfume clinging on for dear life to the fabric of your jacket. Bodysprays in particular usually come in plastic bottles, so you can grab one throw it in your purse without worrying that it might explode on impact. If you ever need to reapply it while on the go, just grab it and spritz liberally!