5 tools every master of the grill should own

It is always summer somewhere in the world, and now that the sun is out, it is the perfect time to enjoy some old-fashioned barbecue. Grilling meat has been a tradition that spans many different cultures throughout the ages. People all over the world have different ways of grilling meat, but the essence remains the same: meat, fire, and grill. Some people smoke it slowly for hours, others just flip it quickly on both sides and eat it as rare as possible. Regardless of your preference, only one thing is for sure, and that is that you cannot make a proper barbecue without some key utensils. Fortunately for you, this list has the top 5 tools that every grill master should have ahead of the BBQ season.


A year-round classic of meat-based dishes is the hamburger. Grilling your burger patty is arguably the best way to cook it and preserving that concentrated meat flavor that makes the dish so characteristic and beloved by everyone. Depending on the grill you use, chances are that you will require a spatula to flip your burger in most cases. This tool works not only for patties, but also for other things like vegetables and even hamburger buns.


The beauty of grills is that, depending on their size, you can throw almost any piece of meat you can think of regardless of its size. If you want to slow-smoke an entire rack of ribs, you can do that with a grill that is big enough. However, when throwing big cuts of meat to the grill, you need to think of how you will handle it and get it out later. Throwing it in is easy because it’s cold, but taking it out or flipping it when it’s hot and cooking requires a set of tongs sturdy enough to hold their weight.

Charcoal grill

Obviously, the grill itself is something that many people hesitate to get out of fear of not getting much use out of it. Anyone who owns a grill and gives it enough use will tell you that they are definitely worth your while, particularly if you learn to master the art of grilling and go beyond meat to start cooking vegetables, roasts, casseroles, and more.

Steak knives

Grilling meat for your family and friends requires slicing the steaks once it is cooked through while it is still hot. It is difficult to do this without the proper knives, which is why many grill masters recommend getting the best steak knives you can find to make sure you won’t have any trouble slicing the cut of meat you decided to grill whole.

Carving board

Of course, logic dictates that you need a dedicated surface to do your slicing, carving, cutting, and chopping. Regular kitchen cutting boards of thin plastic and wood just aren’t enough. The might of the meat that you usually prepare on the grill requires an equally mighty carving board. Traditionally made out of thick blocks of wood, carving boards of this kind are a must-have during the barbecue season, since they make everything much easier to streamline when preparing burgers, for example, or serving things like ribs and steaks.

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