5 Reasons Why Inflatable Hot Tubs Are Better Than Regular

Most people would love a Jacuzzi experience, but unfortunately cannot afford it, due to space, cost, or time for human resources. Spa experience with its luxury can still be enjoyed at your comfort, either alone or with friends. Here are five reasons why inflatable hot tubs are better compared to regular hot tubs.


Unlike the regular hot tubs, which are permanently built indoors, the inflated tubs offer flexibility in that they can be easily packed to any place and still one enjoy the same feeling of a spa. Once done with the tub, deflating is easy, and the tub stored away, giving you space. In the case of travel, it can fit in a small car properly, unlike the regular which are permanently fixed, with inflated tubs, you can enjoy having a spa experience anywhere.

They can fit several people at once, depending on the size of the hot tub. They are offering a relaxing moment with friends at any time.


Regular hot tubs are large and takes a large of space to fit. An inflated hot tub can be placed in any part that is desirable or folded when not in use. It does not require any unique tools to set up. It can be set up easily by one person.

Leaks or tub blocking are infrequent to happen because of the material used, and Sealing is quicker than a regular tub. They are also maintained easily as no tearing or cutting to access the parts.

With the tub at any place of your choice, comes with guaranteed of a party life at no cost.


Made of PVC material that is three times layered than a standard PVC, giving it a strong stability and support. One can sit on the side of the tub without breaking it.

It comes with everything needed in the package to start the experience, hence a great place to spend time.


They offer a relaxing and comfortable experience. It comes with a cushioned lining surface that makes it a comfort to sit or rest. Additional features can be purchased like headrest and cushions to offer support.

Easy to control water temperature as they have a button and no need to leave the tub to adjust settings. It helps in relaxing the body and great for hydrotherapy.


Time and money is saved from support as less is required. Regular tubs need constant cleaning while the inflatable one, you drain the water and deflate it. Also, human resources and cost for detergent used on cleaning is to reduce. They come with a built-in cover to protect it from dirt and dust and also helps in keeping the water temperature constant. A ground cloth adds a layer of protection from dirt and particles from being stuck.

The water pump placed next to the heater making the heating process faster. They are affordable to purchase as it costs up to half the amount of the regular hot tub, saving cash that can be used in other projects.

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